miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2016

DELIGHTS OF JABUGO: from the Dehesa the palate. (English Version)

DELIGHTS OF JABUGO: from the Dehesa the palate.

Handed by Jamones de Bellota Eiriz you can learn the secrets that for generations have shaped the world's best gastronomic product.

Within the ROUTE JABUGO of part OUR ACCOMMODATIONS you will find this interesting experience to learn from field to table the process, curing and mime hams of Protected Designation of Origin, ending with a wine pairing with wine County.

If you do from RIO JARA And also you will enjoy unique prices.

Approaching Puerto Gil, beautiful village near La Corte form the core of Corteconcepción is a treat for all the senses, both are declared a Historic-Artistic because they have managed to preserve their own typology and traditional architecture of mountain villages in the province of Huelva.

The network of narrow cobbled streets and fountains and "old washery" it very pleasant visit.

Within the Sierra de Aracena Natural Park and Picos de Aroche, Route Jabugo has unique tourism experiences: this that we present combines heritage, nature and gastronomy.

After a stroll through the population which is reached from the N-433 will wait in the factory Jamones Eiriz to start a visit in three stages including a walk through the oak woods peacefully fattened Iberian purebred pigs in these dates (autumn) and with the first acorns montanera.

Once oxygenates continue within the premises perfectly attired for the occasion. With simple explanations (in 3 languages: english, deutsch, spanish), according to the time of the visit, you can learn how pepper sausages (salchichón), blood sausages, rods loin, red sausages and hams and of course that from this humble village of the Sierra de Aracena travel the world are made.

Odors will guide you through the traditional process to the cellars and drying sheds, where time (18 to 22 months), climate (continental with Atlantic influence) and biological work of some essential beings give the hams and sausages that awesome flavor that captivates millions of people from 1,818.

After traveling throughout the factory it reaches the expected time to put into practice what they have taught us and to do nothing better than a guided tasting.

They paired with wines from DOP "Condado de Huelva", Caña de Lomo, Jamón Ibérico 100% Purebred in combinations of bait and acorn fill your taste buds, generously you can check "in situ", in the place where the magic takes place the creation of this product and hand expert, why and how to distinguish these products from those found elsewhere in Spain..and .... believe me you will not regret.

The time of the visit is recommended at 11 am.